Employment is a cycle from initial hiring through to contract termination. Correspondingly, employment law is the section of laws that govern the relationship between an employee and their employer, including the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Our employment lawyers work for the best interests of employer and employee, and their job description is likely to include some or all below:

  • Drafting all types of workplace policies, handbooks, employment contracts, collective labor agreement, company regulation, and other legal documentation;
  • Working proactively with the employer to ensure the appropriate policies are in place, to prevent any potential remuneration and wage violations and related exposure;
  • Advising employers on how to manage certain issues such as performance management, absence, and termination in accordance with the applicable law;
  • Providing guidance on restructuring and redundancy programmes;
  • Representing companies confronted with investigations and compliance audits by the Manpower authority, preparing companies for audits, and advising clients during the investigation;
  • Employment expatriates licensing;
  • Attending a discussion with the worker’s representative;
  • Keeping up to date with new developments in employment legislation;
  • Advising employees on their rights in preparation for internal processes, such as a disciplinary hearing;
  • Dealing with unfair dismissal, misclassification, and other wage violations;
  • Pursuing claims for non-payment of wages;
  • Assisting employees to assess whether their rights have been violated and whether further action would be worthwhile;
  • Negotiating the severances and settlement;

Our employment attorneys also have considerable experience with representing employer/employee in court and tribunal hearings, navigating routes for legal action, and mediating solutions between employees and employers. We can help determine the best course of action for the client’s situation.