Capital Markets & Securities

We understand that the dynamic capital markets & securities landscape demands innovative strategies and up-to-date insights. Leveraging our lawyers’ in-depth understanding of the intricacies of securities regulations and practices, we are fully equipped to assist our clients in navigating complex challenges and seizing opportunities for growth.

Our firm offers a wide array of services, which includes capital markets & securities regulations advisory and transactions assistance. In capital market & securities advisory, we regularly provide counselling on disclosure requirements and corporate governance matters. We are also proficient in handling a wide range of capital markets & securities transactions, including managing the IPOs (starting from the pre-IPO restructuring), right issues, private placements, and other debt-securities offerings including MTN’s, convertible and exchangeable bonds. Our lawyers are also experienced in advising and assisting issuers and bank(s)/underwriters in international offerings of both equity and debt instruments within the framework of Regulation S and Rule 144A of the U.S. Securities Act.